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You need to not have come back

He stood the small cottage, the rotting stench hit, should really WOW Gold have already been dead bodies of those sudden attack, pretty much made him dizzy with worry. For them, he did not really feel fear or disgust a long time, in fact, he even gradually in love with them. They are his subordinates, he cleaned their lives, so that the glory of serving the Lich King. Now, they move or attack not terrible, terrible is that they actually attack him. These souls entirely under the control of the fear of the devil. Exhausted all his remaining strength of hard repulsed them, a strange sickening feeling filled him. He never thought they would betray him.Balnazzar triumphant voice overshadowed noisy fighting spread to the guide ears of Alsace. "You need to not have come back, man.


You are so weak, we controlled most of your soldiers. Looks like you are short-lived rule na, Alsace King."Alsace teeth bite giggle sounds, digging deep guide from the body more strength and will to fight. He will not die here.But too many of them - he was effortless command of the soldiers, but now with his ruthless enemies. He knows they have no consciousness, only to obey the strong. But the situation is still baffling let him sad. He made them He had become increasingly weak, even for a time unable to parry the blow directed at his belly. When the bang hit a blunt sword in the armor, he has not been hit hard, but a ghoul can break through his defense, his panic up."Too much, His Majesty the King!" Kel'Thuzad guide hollow voice said, showing that the baritone in the loyalty of Alsace actually make tears.


"Brisk walking - to leave the city! I will try to go out and you turn in the wild, this is your only chance, my majesty!"Lich is right. Alsace sorrow roar, tumble guide dismounted. He waved his hand, then converted into a nothingness unbeaten ghost horse, instead of skull, and then they disappeared. He will then call it a safe time. Alsace charges ahead, his hands waving weak Frostmourne, but no longer intended to kill or even just chopped the opponent - they are just too many - but only for the provision of a path through.Gates closed, but he grew up in the palace, well aware of this. He knows buy wow guide every gate, every wall, and each Midao. He alone can not prop up the gates, then turned to the palace via the depths.