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The Matrix Online Story Continues in Episode 11.1!
MXO chapter 11.1 will begin with a new critical mission on Thursday, August 07, and another new mission on each Thursday after that for the next four weeks: 8/14, 8/21, 8/28, and 9/4.

Chapter 10 Missions Now Archived
The 45 critical missions from The Matrix Online Chapter 10 are now available for characters of all organizations to play, using tickets purchased from the Archivists in Richland. Players who complete all chapter 10 archive missions receive completion tokens that they can Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold turn in at organization collectors for a special FX reward item.

New Toy Boxes
The Playground vendor in Mara is selling a new set of "Sleepwalker" Toy Boxes for use in Sati's Playground.