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You can grumble as much as you like

then i went to ice crown and saw that ELITE opponents ... that's a laugh right? i - in finish azure devices - can plantation ELITE mobs?!

i keep in mind the elites in south of winterspring. they earned their elite status ...
Okay let's see here...alot of unique retards publishing about seeking more complex material....people seeking a gruul 1.0 wich nobody liked even though he recognizes it through his increased colored WOW Gold...

You grumble a lot but where are the throwing SUGGESTIONS?!

you can grumble as much as you like but so long as you don't suggest anything for them to do there will be no distinction. and no, saying *just make them harder* is not a recommendation.
I've published in a few discussions along identical collections at various periods during the try out. I experience for all the individuals at Blizz who have obviously put in a lot of effort developing spectacular scenery and creative missions and are being currently let down by game play which, as others have said above, contains very little task.

A few factors I realize that are different from vanilla WoW, In WotLK there are hardly any locations during missions where you ever take more than one mob at once (unless you want to) and there are few patrols that you have to look at out for.

Unfortunately you can't even up the issues level yourself by going for advanced level missions beginning, since they remain not available until you've within a Cheap RS Gold or two of their level.