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We hope you enjoy the FLS tweets

Would you enjoy a closer glimpse into our day-to-day dealings? Do you ever wonder: When are the next round of Devlogs going to be done? How is the Russian launch going? What did Rusty have for lunch? How was PAX? What's going on with WOW Gold ? What fire is Misha putting out now? What's wrong with Aether's face?

The Pirates of the Burning Sea staff have been conducting a communication experiment over the last few weeks involving a web-application called Twitter. Twitter is a tool that allows us to share brief, one sentence updates that detail our tasks, activities and adventures throughout any given day. Flying Lab Software has always had a commitment to communicating as much information as we possibly can and Twitter gives us an easy outlet for sharing more with you.

If taking a look behind the scenes and getting to know FLS staffers a little better sounds interesting to you, then you are going to want to sign up for Twitter!Once you have, then check out this thread for additional details on how to find us.

Important: FLS staffers will be listed as FLS_Theirnamehere, but we can't prevent other people from using that naming convention. Remember, FLS staffers have no need to ask you for personal information related to your account. If you run into someone suspicious, be sure to report them right away using our support system, as that will allow us to utterly destroy them.

We hope you enjoy the FLS tweets, and we look forward to developing even more interesting and Buy MapleStory Mesos informative ways of communicating with the Pirates of the Burning Sea community!