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The only factor i would say is a little tedious are the combat.

I really appreciate doing tasks on the encounter... its not like go there, go there then *poff* quest finish. All quest have some kind of relationship to the other quest, and its not like destroy 200 mice or carry someone 3000 seashells, for an example: in the quest, ¨the black night sword¨ you are going to make the a new blade to the black night in fallador who missing it. Theres only one guy who know how to make it, so you pick up images of the blade and carry it to the individual and guide provide him a redberry pie to make him make the WOW Gold, then you have to go to the mines and my own some ores and provides him.
--Sorry for describing so bad--.

The only factor i would say is a little tedious are the combat... just just generally simply choose the one you want to fight then you hit automatic... again and again and again....
How is it possible to eat a shark in the middle of a fight to acquire up your health?

In Runescape you got an place for no price players and a huge place for P2P players, its really value to become pay to perform, you get a lot of new capabilities firearms armors and like 100 more tasks (quests that are fun to do!) pets, you can even Buy WOW Gold develop your own houses on the gamer home place.
But its still fun to be no price gamer too you can still fight many creatures and use many capabilities but maybe not so many tasks as participant...