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The ideal globe of long-term preparing

Overseas revenues accounted for the China action market, nearly 40% talk about of exports, China' mmolive export head in movie games. Moreover to conventional offshore contract and independent functions, the best globe, being actively trying to integrate high-quality offshore sources and develop a new worldwide foundation. In the experience RIFT, the function is cooperated well with the experience globe when players perform the experience with Cheap WOW Gold . In 2011, the best globe, following a series of acquisitions truly after the shift again assaulted, leading the getting North United states designers Cryptic Studios, to further boost the organization's development initiatives.

In inclusion, Ideal World has efficiently organized the second "Perfect World Championships" (PWIC), again to show to the globe the organization's impressive worldwide influence. The occasion gained worldwide assistance of tens of thousands of players to become a worldwide gamer in the new culture of communication and come back foundation. Excellent technique wins four stages offshore perfectly obvious gradual development of the world

As a primary technique, the ideal globe of long-term preparing and obvious development path of globalization, the peak in 2011ChinaJoy altar in the best globe, Mr. Michael Chi, Chairman and CEO of Ideal World, described the four stages of globalization. Buy WOW Gold on some web page can help players to sustain the fun in the experience. The first level is endorsement, the endorsement of China's game enjoying items to offshore, offshore partners to function.

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