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The following players have contributed most to VCO

The sign-up time for the Group Wedding Ceremony Valentines Day has been extended for one week. Now, the Voyage Century Online team will announce the first list of brides and grooms. Congratulations!

The following players have contributed most to VCO. In order to show them our appreciation, we will release a group of numbers in their enrolled mailboxes. They can draw two Spirit Rings, one Male Formal Dress and Buy WOW Gold one Female Formal Dress, which are valued 1750 points, , even if you haven't signed up the ceremony. In addition, players who want to join the group wedding ceremony and have the following items should hand in their information (bride's account, groom's account, bride's character name, groom's character name and the sever name. Brides or grooms who haven't signed up can't hand in repeatedly.) And then our official VCO team can arrange the ceremony and announce the relative information in the VCO forum before February 14th.

Voyage Century like to thank the players for constantly supporting it, so it has decided that it will be holding some rewarding events for the players to enjoy! These will include Egg Bombing and Grab Limit Items!
Egg Bombing
The newly released Mall Item 7-Sea Shield has been added to the rewards that you can get when taking a part in Egg Bombing. On top of that, it has added some other great rewards as well.