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The encounter of players we were studying


Shamanism all players, excellent individuals, but also to fulfill you, before writing an material published on the treatment of encounter now under conversation with us on the team placed a variety of little details which, as well as the encounter of players we were studying.

Or the schedule stated:

1. The material was instructed towards battling team, aspect of the concept of unique conditions, may not be set up.

2. The material of the material may be very group, very simple, very trivial encounter, I am all in the mind-set of studying from each other, is the "master" Do not criticize a buddy, this is my primary details, after all, there are some players do not know , Look at this material may be helpful to them.

Nonsense again completed, we started to discuss:

One. Wind circulation furious with the team and the Division of the use of the team.

All of which are for the Division of the wind team, as we all know, with the Division of groups can not are available simultaneously, "can not have both fish and bear's paw?" Not actually so.