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The Compensated Character Name Change support

We’re pleased to announce that on Aug 6, the Russian-language edition of Up-date will release and our dedicated Western locations will go remain in Europe. Present Western players will be able to acquire a terminology stock up from  and Buy WOW Gold return numbers to the new locations. For more details, analyze out the press conscious and FAQ.

We are pleased to announce that the Compensated Character Name Change support is now available for Russian-account entrepreneurs. If your character’s name does not fit your features any longer, you can use the awesome factors of gnomish engineering to alter it!

This is not a assessment. We’re not even going to get in touch with it a Verdict. WAR is not launched yet, there should likely be a cost-effective few changes in the best action, and none of us have conducted enough of it to make a really certain thinking. Apart from Jim, who knows finish well he will not be experiencing it until they put some spaceships in.

That said, we’ve been on the WAR closed try out for a variety of a few several weeks now, and it’s certainly a action headline we’ve seriously preferred to talk about here. And not generally because we’re British, hence experiencing Warhammer is quite synonymous with puberty for us. Also because, well, it’s probably the most exciting MMO in 2010. Despite… ah, but we’re getting before ourselves. Let us see what we’ve got to say…