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Take the fight to the streets!

Cyber Monday is basically the online equivalent of Black Friday, and NCsoft is teaming up with BestBuy.com to bring you a steal of a deal on the WOW Gold of Heroes Going Rogue Complete Collection to mark the occasion.

Now you get to experience what it was like to be in Paragon City before the Rikti invasions. An innovative interface brings a new level of detail to the sights and sounds of City of Heroes, as your character blasts, punches, and superspeeds his or her way through the game. "It's a brand new way to play the game, that many of our users will be instantly familiar with," said Matt "Positron" Miller, the Senior Lead Designer for the franchise. Lead Artist Ken Morse had this to add, "I think City of Heroes: guideen Age brings with it a level of detail that simply can not be accomplished with even the latest advancements in graphics technology."

The game's innovative play-style isn't the only thing interesting about the project. "CoH: guideen Age is about Paragon City in the 1980's. Who were the big heroes? Who were the big bad guys? Where do you fit in? These are all great questions that we can finally answer with this brand new product," said Ross Borden, the Marketing Director at NCNorCal.

"We feel that with system requirements like these, the sky is the limit on the amount of users we can reach," said Development Director Art Min. Mr. Min was quick to add that, "the game will also support sound through the AdLib soundcard."

Take the fight to the streets! Fight super-powered foes! Interact with other players! Become more powerful than ever in City of Heroes:Buy WOW Gold  guideen Age!