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PvP and PvE were separated

In Part One, Ben speaks to Psychological Block, from the North American guild Primal Instinct.

"We are a PvP guild, most of the guild is designed of players who performed Anarchy On the internet (Funcom’s other MMO) for decades, the associates were on the same (and even reverse sides) of the war in AO, it was not a issue as "faction" differences were never really taken seriously by any of us (we are not part players), relationship with people on reverse factors was frequent, you could Buy WOW Gold eliminate him in PvP and still talk, raid, have fun etc.

PvP and PvE were separated and it was fairly typical to have people of reverse groups interact on frequent base (outside of PvP) be it buffing/talking/raiding or whatever. When we observed that Age of Conan is prepared for launch (end of 2006) we picked up the people who played/stopped experiencing AO and structured them.

The activity was late and most of us either went returning to AO (at that interval another development was released and Silirrion became the Game Movie director after some time) or to other MMO’s..."

In Part Two, Ben speaks to Psychological Block, from the European guild Awareness.

"Awakening is a sizeable guild with frequent players of all age groups and many countries. We are dedicated to assisting each other and experiencing the encounter. All we ask is that you carry your feeling of enjoyment and desire to be element of an outstanding group discovering the globe of Conan.