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Nexon once considered taking over Gamehi

Nexon announced to sign an agreement with the Korea-based Gamehi, developer of Sudden Attack, to discuss the acquisition affairs. Kim Gun Il, president of Gamehi, just negotiated with Nexon by himself not long ago.

But this doesn't mean Gamehi will certainly be acquired by Nexon, since the acquisition is still being negotiated. Anyway, thanks to Buy WOW Gold both parties' firm stands, it's said the acquisition will be confirmed no later than June.

Nexon once considered taking over Gamehi, but didn't conduct any formal negotiations at that time. As someone from Nexon disclosed, Nexon are now discussing with Gamehi. It's expected the result will be reached in the near future. According to understanding, Kim Gun Il had negotiated with several companies, trying to find the one suiting Gamehi best. And Nexon is just his choice!

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