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Many times he thought he was behind the footsteps

Flames subsided. Angtou chest to move forward, you are no longer alone. Not far away, a long time watching the man bowed his head Nubo Dayton once again hidden. Although he was not Nubo can hear elements of Dayton, then, he has seen the flames, they saw the image of dancing. Not surprisingly, that if Nubo Dayton observer looking into the eyes, which he will find it full of shock. This attracts many players to buy wow guide to maintain the fun in the game.

The next two days, Nubo Dayton move on, there is always pushing the wind behind him, whisper in the ear, he learned, the orc shaman who have contact with the elements, but since the animals instead of people attend the devil magic, their relationship will be deteriorated. He could know more, but often the wind would let him find it difficult to understand. If this exchange through the filter or weakened.

On the road, many times he thought he was behind the footsteps. Every time he turned around and looking, that's followed him - no matter who or what - are quickly hid the place where he can not see.

Walk through the island is a huge sea turtles, it is called Panda Shen-zin Su, in thousands of years ago. It bent some people eager to explore the new world of pandas left by heavy fog shrouded the Panda Leah continent. The confidence of the game in the market has attracted many players to buy wow guide to enjoy the fun. The core of the story has some panda's basic operating skills.