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Judging from the names and the various areas

   * The Pit of Criminals At the bottom of the well is a massive pile of skeletons. When I say massive, I mean thousands of people who apparently met their demise falling down that small hole. Or perhaps falling is the wrong word.
    * The Pauper's Walk A less direct way to the depths of the crypts, the Pauper's Walk is a winding path through an underground graveyard. Some of the crypts in the wall are open, some are shut, but the overall impression is simply buried dead.
    * Tomb of the Unrepentant A large underground area with a still water pond. Odd that you'd see a pond in the midst of something that may or may not be a graveyard, isn't it? Why would there be any need for water? Unfortunately, the next area gives at least one good, if gruesome, reason.
    * The Upside-down Sinners This is easily one of the most horrifying RS Gold in World of Warcraft. The room is essentially a giant well, with hooks and chains strewn about the sickly-looking water. Suspended from the chains are the bodies of human beings -- but that's not the creepy part. The creepy part is that the lower corpses have the ropes tied to their necks, as if someone said, "You know, I think the best way to hang someone would be to tie a rope to their neck, fill the room with water, and let the human body's natural tendency to float do all the nasty work."

Judging from the names and the various areas, the crypt doesn't look so much like a crypt as it does a torture chamber or an area once used to dispose of criminals or "unwanted" citizens. The name Well of the Forgotten implies that whoever was chucked down that hole was a person who would be better off forgotten; the Pit of Criminals beneath suggests it may have been a handy way to dispose of criminals. But the Upside-down Sinners indicates there was something far more gruesome at work here than simple dispense of justice; the cruel and unusual methods of demise in this area suggest something incredibly sinister.