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It shows sweeping visual upgrades to the game

Welcome back to Aion. Yes it's Closed Beta Test 2 weekend and this time round I'm rolling Asmodian to explore a very different side of the shattered planet of Atreia. During CBT1 we showed you the lower half of the Cheap RS Gold, a land known as Elysea and household of the angelic Elyos. I walked you through the character creation process, the first ten levels as a frail mortal, the Elyos ascension quest and those 1st actions into Sanctum and Verteron. Now it's time to visit the upper half and property of the Asmodians, the continent of Asmodae.
The character creation process is identical to the one for the Elyos except for a colder set of skin tones (check our gallery below). The lack of sunlight and colder environment has caused the Asmodians to evolve really cool glowing eyes in combat and horse tail-like manes, however given the positioning what the mane keeps warm is anyone's guess. As before, the voice samples aren't available to preview so my warrior maiden ended up sounding like a sissy little ten year old fluent in Korean.

ass bannings weren't the only Aion-related business from NCSoft today. No, the MMO publisher also found the time to release this mysterious, 9-minute teaser trailer for the game.


Called simply "AION Vision", it shows sweeping visual upgrades to the game, along with a battle sequence that MMO fans could only dream of. There's even a Shadow of the Colossus cameo.


It's obviously hinting at the direction NCSoft hope the MMO will be taking in the near future, but question is, when - if ever - will this stuff be WOW Gold? And when it is, will anyone on Earth have a PC that can actually run it?