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It's not often that an expansion to an MMO launches

Befallen, already struggling to maintain its hold and purpose in the Commonlands, was brought low by the very man they thought to be their savior. Gynok Moltor, the Qeynos guardsman, who was cursed by the gnoll shaman, Oppola, destroyed the fortress while in the grip of madness brought on by his curse.Gynok's curse spread throughout the fortress and now Befallen sits, ruined, and populated by the undead WOW Gold who built it.The sparse furnishings reflect, even in its cursed undead state, that Befallen was intended to be a fortress of war. There remains very little evidence of civilization.As you walk through the halls of Befallen, you can see that the ceilings are low lying, hardly taller than an ogre in some places. In addition, you can see the grisly reminders of the corruption that brought the fortress low.

It's not often that an expansion to an MMO launches, and it's even rarer that two do so in the same day! But that's the case, with EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey hitting the live servers

The latest EverQuest II expansion, The Shadow Odyssey, will launch this week on November 18th. In advance of the launch, Stephanie Morrow of Beckett Massive Online Gamer recently interviewed some members of the EverQuest II design team -- Noel Walling (Design Supervisor), Paul Molina (Game Designer), Adam Stevens (Game Designer) and Carlos Mora (Associate Game Designer).

The Beckett Massive Online Gamer interview focuses on the lore of EverQuest II (with an emphasis on background for readers who've never played), but also gets down into some specifics regarding The Shadow Odyssey dungeons, the challenges of designing around the 80 level cap, and some of the new features that players can expect from this week's launch of the fifth EverQuest II expansion. If you're an EQ II fan, the interview is worth a read, and of course we also hope you're enjoying our ongoing coverage of The Shadow Odyssey.