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It is very challenging

This is a little more important in 5mans than in raids, as in 5mans you may end up “off tanking” junk when DPSing. In raids you still need a affordable quantity to endure AoEs and other unpleasant things managers could toss at you. 8.5-9.5k Unbuffed is a lot for beginning PvE and this should develop continuously as you devices up.

It is very challenging to get on paladin DPS devices endgame nowadays, if you can get some via a Strength/MP5 or Melee Crit/MP5 gem then that is amazing, but do not sacrifice other features for it – that is what Reasoning of Wiseness, Sanctified Reasoning and chaining Mana Products are for. However the 2pc set benefits on Level 6 does create for a tired quantity of regen if you can get your arms on any two of the chest/bracers/belt/boot which are currently among best for DPS in activity.

No mana = no Closes, Options or Crusader Strikes, easy as that. You should be looking at around 6-7k raid buffed (Arcane Intellect, Mark of the Crazy and Advantage of Kings), like stamina this will continuously enhance itself if you take paladin particular devices or attract warrior devices with some intellect to keep yourself from getting mana deprived.

As a conventional information you should look at having around 1200 AP, 20% crit and at least some intellect for beginning out at stage 70. Installments of beginning Retribution devices are the Red Lawbringer “Set” from 5 people and heroics, or even the Huge Marshal’s azure PvP set and legendary boots/bracers/belt (although these are very stamina hefty and decrease out on other statistics because of this).
A Retribution paladin should at the very least have either [Libram of Avengement] (The Manufacturer, Brave Blood Furnace), or [Libram of Heavenly Judgement] (20 [Badge of Justice]) before going to Karazhan, the first if you are trapped around 20% crit, the second otherwise.