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I can see your sight are enduring the fire

 Relax, youthful man, I can see your sight are enduring the fire, but invisible behind this rage is your misunderstandings. The fact of the world is about to current before side of you while you are fascination and fear of this fact. No issue, my kid, when I flavor the first fall of program, I also encounter fear and fascination of the fact. ". "There is no question that you are a powerful enough army. Take a look at the corpse, he was once a way to make everyone reluctant and shocked the use of every mention of his name, individuals be unconscious trembling. This is his durability, so that the world, even the historical dragon power palsied. These days, however, his human body down in here, his soul will never go up to the astral with those renowned the figures together, always looking at you. ". "Now you've got the better wonder, you have enough to get your name immortalized in the truly amazing uses not for mmolive.com guide , only for your power and power. But before you select to get this deserving assistance, you must be willing to listen to a tale ...".

    "Is there a certain individual, so that you are willing to pay your own to guard? Young, I saw the absolute depths of your sight exhibited shiny. Your mom and dad, your best friend or your lover or your guide or other treasure? Well, these are not essential, it is essential - you have a battle of objective, to be able to battle those persons, your durability can be so impressive, your will be so company. "