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Go to the Goblin village

The last is the goddess of fortune battle activity, you through one-on-one battle NuoLun battle in the field. Victory over small rivals fulfill impressive big buffalo, challenging opponent's video games organization standards. This is a fantastic way to unlock some exclusive idol is in the guild wars 2 items---the eye of the northern.

Mission Starting Place: Goblin Town located in the northern Falador

Skills Requirement: no

Task Material: three items of Goblin Cycle Email (Goblin Cycle Email can be gained in the Goblin Village), red dye (need three red berries, can be discovered in the east of Varrock town circular rock [black guru compounds]), yellow-colored dye, (need two Onions which can be got from the northern gate of Rimmington), pink dye (need two categories of polyploidy in the pink wood made simply leaves Falador within the park a grower Wyson the grower place USES 20 RS guide can buy) and 50gp.


Task Flow: at first, go to the Goblin village in the northern of Falador and discuss with Wartface typical or Bentnoze typical. And then you will discover them in battle, then you pay interest properly to the content of their battle. It changes out that they are battle about along with of chain mail, and at last they decide to try the red chain mail. Then they will ask you if you can help them dye the chain mail into red.

And then with procedure content above go to the Draynor village in Runescape and came to discuss with the guru Aggie there, she can help you make some colours, but creating dye for exclusive components need five RS guide. Once you get 3 types of dyeing providers to dye red and yellow-colored to get red dyeing providers. With red dye and Goblin Cycle Email, you will get an red Goblin Cycle Email.