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Get down to business.

Lagging starts everyday @ 645PM Serious Time. What's the deal? It's just not me, the whole guild has problems, and we are all over the place with various companies. We are still raiding and Buy WOW Gold it's  a pity that we can't because of every night latency problems that occur during our raid periods. What's the cope. Edit: I know others hosts may have a issue, but I ask others hosts if they can start their own thread. I am just trying evaluate for Blizzard extent of the issue on the Kel'thuzad Server. So memebers of the Kel'thuzad hosting server please keep a publish about your discontentment on the latency problems. I am not conscious if the other hosts that were described since my Original Post are aspect of our Battle Team. So it might be aspect of the same hosting server cluste.

not alone, this has been occurring all several weeks time around now. The carry girls who were released without cost, informed the arresting authorities something was up when the children said they would rather perform Console than get down to business.

It's a pity Falo =/ Daily it seems like previous times two several weeks to me. We did cope with it, but its harder now since this several weeks time the latency is actually more than doubled before the AT&T maint.

At 8:15 ST (9:15 EST) on the world Cheap WOW Gold, we're having serious latency problems. Our whole guild is impacted by it as well, with latency rates anywhere from 1000ms to 3000ms. "There are certain sounds nowadays... that make you want to, impact a child." Dane Cook.