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Each person's sense of responsibility sense of honor much worse.

On the other hand the letter to the generals, and her plans in order, if the courage to instigate a new tribal offensive, they will get a terrible surprise. As long as they disrupted plans in advance, orcs simply cause for concern. Players who play the game with guide will have this kind of concern. Wow is indeed a done a very good game and improve to become a microcosm of society. More people to great things got to know each only to be seen by others, and so on.

But it is after all a virtual world of nothingness of space, you can not expect people are like real life action. Because no one here has done a good reward, something bad is not afraid Po1ice uncle, human flesh? Really outrageous things that was afraid of it? So frequent liar, fraud is everywhere, smelly feet was holding, brain damage go everywhere.

Each person's sense of responsibility sense of honor much worse. Some people really get it back immediately stolen be affected by settlement, while others "really stolen the" ruthless fishing a fortune. So, more and more players are attracted to buy guide to maintain the fun in the game. Some have loved life, and some abandoned like Bilv, and some whole as a trifling matter, as well as profit-making responsibility for all what reputation has stuck straw.