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Chocrosis is coming

Hello everyone! The 14th of Flovor is nearly here - you know what that means... Sane Luvenby's Day! But the bad news is a disease has just escaped from Otomai's laboratory and is about to spread the length and breadth of the World of Twelve.

Don't worry, it's inoffensive and its effects don't last too long - no more than a few days - but it is enough to surprise some of  WOW Gold!

Chocrosis is coming. Fortunately the Gods won't let the inhabitants of the World suffer in vain. Anyone who catches a dose of the sickness will get a present... that way it's more of an excuse for a party than a reason to stay in bed for the weekend!

You who love soppy hearts and milk chocolate, make the most of Sane Luvenby's Day in Amakna, and whatever you do, make sure to spread that chocrosis far and wide!

As the bamboo milk pours in bars across Amakna, rumors spread about Saint Potrick, the mystical man who tried to banish all wriggling spiders from the continent last year.

Will he try again this year? Will the continent finally be free of every creepy, crawly arachnee?

No one seems to have heard from him in a long time, could it have something to do with his assistants, the gold-hungry Leprechauns? Some reports say that they are up to their old tricks again, but from the way they're acting, it's not clear if they're working on behalf of Saint Potrick or if they're out to stir up trouble for their own amusement. Adventurers,Buy WOW Gold help Oisín, the great hero of the Oirish Fianna, sort out these little green monsters, but beware of their curse!