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Blizzard CEO and co-founder Scott Morhaime

Blizzard Dec 24 the company announced that "World of Globe of arena of warcraft," the comprehensive variety of approved players has more than 11.5 thousand, and last by the end of Oct, announced the figure out is 11 thousand. In other conditions, new information in Nov movie "Lich King's rage," the buy to them introduced 500,000 new clients.

November 13, "Lich King's rage," the 24 time before the buy were promoted 280 thousand duplicates, developing the PC actions in history a new history. In its first 1 30 days available, the income figures have exceeded four thousand duplicates, also hit a PC action income in the first 1 30 days a new history. Actually, before these two history proprietor is "Lich Professional Fury" precursor, "The Losing Strategy."

Blizzard CEO and co-founder Scott Morhaime, said: "We have new players and the players returning to demonstrate my authentic welcome is the factor that they help the" Globe of Globe of arena of warcraft "has obtained a new milestone. At the same time, we are also very pleased to" demons Creature Globe "has lengthy been a worldwide gamer attention and assistance, and as always look ahead to providing them with long-lasting better enjoyment encounter."

Another Blizzard said they were "registered player" is determined as: charges each 30 days had been paid, or have a pre-paid introduction credit score cards players, as well as those recently purchased action is still in the one-month period for no price players.