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As I've said before in a few of my guidelines

The concept of inscriptionists getting use of revenue of neck enchants will add to many a silver goblins coffers.    If you were one of the crafters that got into identities overdue into cataclysm you discovered out it was a aggressive market.  Some were able to create countless numbers in silver,  while other eeked out a little money every day.  Now with the PVP products that they will be able to art, Cheap WOW Gold the neck enchants as well as other ornaments that seem to be going to that profession:  crafters should be able to create a normal and balanced quantity of silver as they create their way through Panderia.

As I've said before in a few of my guidelines,   it is  going to be very essential to have your crafters around the 510-515 stage before Mists starts it's development.    Having your crafting/gathering careers at 525 will also be useful.   If you skipped the previously tip about the Gnomish Military Blade,  buy one before the development reveals.   They are assured to be in need from town owners and collecting levelers.