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Allow me to lay out my scenario.

I'd like to recommend that accountholders (perhaps with restrictions) be able to modify currently unchangeable information (such as name, address, key answer) as a way of enabling players to Buy WOW Gold appropriate one designed in past times that leaves their consideration in potential risk with no way of dealing with it.

Why Do This?
Allow me to lay out my scenario. When I first began enjoying the encounter, I finalized up with bogus username and passwords. After all, this is just a activity, who cares, right? Well, after I discovered how the encounter performs, and that it keeps going, I liked it. I've now invested a lot of persistence into my character! I perform a Blood Elf Pally with Thunderfury, and I've raided almost all endgame content. However, regardless of what I do, everything I've done could be gone the next day, with no way of recuperating it.

I'm not talking about my consideration being compromised. I keep my information safe and have never had any problems. However, I've had buddies who sometimes get the observe from Blizzard challenging verification of username and passwords, and for me, that would be an effective consideration closing. It's against the ToS to be using an consideration with any errors anyway. But, at once, it just seems foolish to drop my consideration all together. I have several level 70 figures, and I've followed all the guidelines.