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Affect the direction of the playing

"Legend", I heard the most is that so and so has spent tens of thousands of RMB to buy a set of equipment. Taiwan has a legendary players ask for privileged account so kidnapped GM news. I have been a bad Cheapest WOW Gold then, the hope that one day suddenly, the world no longer "Legend", and that these players, these players will be intoxicated. No matter what situation, the sales of Tibia Coin will affect the direction of the playing.

Back to today, distanced's "Legend" era will soon be another "masterpiece", "World of Warcraft," the generation. Although there are still many legends of loyal fans, it is undeniable that things are rough years ago game making it difficult to resist today's game "masterpiece."

When my brother left the "legend" and I do not have the basic topic, I think that game was horrible, and now, like friends sitting around me, like a time machine, together with me back to that era. But the difference is that they are talking about more is the "World of Warcraft" online games from abroad, and when you open a door, and then they have very different ideas about the game experience, features, the new version of the content and large number of Internet related things, almost compact arrangement of people suffocating.

Shi Yuzhu then said, "World of Warcraft" lost in the culture", but now it seems, "legend" of the era. Although there are still many good games, there are still many players chasing the other. Some also buy Tibia Money to enjoy the fun in the game. But the "Legend" is proud to have established their own unique culture, which is another game can Buy WOW Gold not shake a culture, and now we can not refute the "World of Warcraft" is already formed its own characteristics and culture. In this culture, it was also difficult in today's subversion.